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Welcome Home - A guided journey for healing & manifestation

Take this guided journey to connect to the truth of who you are, a powerful creator of your reality! It will exponentially enhance your ability to clear away the limiting beliefs and sub-conscious programming that keeps you from creating the life you deeply desire. This guided journey includes 95 energetically-encoded images that potently activate and help anchor at the subconscious level the new information needed to reshape your reality. Repeated listening also helps trigger synchronistic events that will support you in manifesting your desires and your greater vision for your life. This process includes many of the elements that I have found to be uniquely effective at producing deep and transformative change. And my intention in creating it for you is to combine them in an easy-to use format that encourages repeated use, which is the key to experiencing positive and lasting results. The imagery and voice activation is powerfully supported by the addition of beautiful binaural beats music that activates the theta brainwave state, which is deeply relaxing and promotes health and healing on all levels of your Being. The theta state is where miracles happen! So set an intention about what you would like to manifest, take the journey and experience the magic that unfolds!   Please Note: I recommend you watch the video for the first time using headphones (for the full binaural beats effect) and you do so at a time when you are not as likely to fall asleep. This is simply to ensure you experience the full visual affect of the encoded images. However don't worry if you doze off, you will still receive benefits   and sometimes even more so as the energy works without interference by the ego and its self-limiting stories. You may also listen in audio-only format, or with the sound turned down and playing in the background. The journey is encoded so that you only experience what your system is ready and willing to process and integrate each time you use it. I recommend you download this process so you can access it at your convenience without having to log on to this site. Use the download buttons on this page to do so. It is a large file so it may take some time to fully load to your device.    Disclaimer: This energetically-encoded journey and music induces a highly relaxed state of being and initially you may find it puts you to sleep. Therefore do not listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery. Wearing headphones will enhance the experience of binaural beats music as two different sound signals are delivered to each ear. Your brain meshes the two sounds into a single tone. However, if you have a seizure disorder, irregular heartbeat, or wear a pacemaker, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using binaural beats music. In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.Also, please note that whatever benefit you receive from using this guided meditation is directed by you. You are always in charge of your own healing and manifestation, and it is my desire that this process further empowers you to create what your heart deeply desires.      2 Comments

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