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So you're an entrepreneur eh?


You probably didn’t realize that your desire to serve in this capacity was also an invitation for a major personal upgrade! 


Yep. Entrepreneurship can be a powerful vehicle for transformation.

And truly a path of courage, because a lot of your fears about being “worthy," “lovable," or "enough," are going to be challenged in the process.

And even though you don't want fear running your business, it inevitably does to some degree.
Which means you have to meet yourself with plenty of love and compassion while that stuff comes up and out, and have a reliable way to process and integrate it, or it’ll slow you down or even cause you to give up your dreams!


Because the prime directive of your human body and nervous system (a.k.a. your subconscious mind) is to keep you safe.

But entrepreneurship is inherently risky!

And even though your body prefers comfort and security, risk-taking and facing the unknown is a non-negotiable part of your entrepreneurial journey. 

But you likely went into business for yourself so you could have a different, more expansive life, not just same 'ol, same 'ol, right?

So if you want to thrive and grow a business that you love,  that truly supports you – financially, emotionally, creatively and spiritually - let it help you root out what triggers your fears and limiting beliefs, and creates resistance that keeps you stuck. 

Everything that drains you of your precious life energy and focus, and messes with your vibration!

Meaning, whatever causes you stress and triggers your "fight, flight or freeze response", will keep you busy and distracted as you try to mitigate, or eliminate, whatever you perceive the danger or threat to be. 

Which could very well be your business!

 So if you don't work with your triggers, and use them to up level, your business could literally keep you locked in survival mode!

But what if your business could be your best friend? 

The kind that only wants the best and highest for you, and supports you every step of the way.

That's what I've come to understand and know to be true about my own business. 

Its taught me so much and always reflects back to me my beliefs and current state of alignment.

When I listen to what it wants me to become, I'm always blown away by how lovingly it is guiding me to my highest truth and self-expression, even if that's challenging at times. 

When I trust and follow its guidance, I am always supported in the most divinely magical and synchronistic ways. 

And that's how I want you to feel about your biz!

To use it as a powerful vehicle for self-growth that helps you put into practice what you've learned on your journey, especially how you’re always co-creating with the Divine!

When you partner with Source you discover that the best business strategy is trusting your intuition, and discerning when its time to surrender and let go of control vs. when its time to take inspired action to move your business forward. 

If you're stuck its likely because you're mixing up the two - pushing when you should be stepping back and allowing, or letting your fears stop you from "doing the thing" that needs to be done. 

When you trust and follow the energy of how your business wants to support you, you'll be amazed at how quickly abundance starts to show up! 

Your business then, will ask you to stretch and grow in multiple ways, and in the process you’ll gain more couragemore resilience and more love for yourself, so you can be, do and have what truly lights you up! 

It will invite you to serve and contribute at the highest level, so that you are fulfilling your divine purpose, your "kuleana," which is the Hawaiian term for what you came here to do as a spiritual being.

And this I know...your success is inevitable if you're willing to face and transform the scary things you’ve been avoiding, but are an integral part of your business!

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So its time to brave up and face your fears so they don’t stop you cold, or keep you in survival mode.

Or keep you stuck in familiar patterns of avoidance and struggle.

Of hustling and pushing.

Of wanting to give up and hide.

Of feast or famine. 

Instead of alignment and flow. 

So the good news is whatever fears currently snag you, they can also set you free!

From old beliefs and that no longer serve you.

From the limited identity you created around them.

And from the lack, limitation and scarcity programming that you're supposed to accept as real and true.

Because most of your fears are rooted in those three things, which can be dismantled and transformed. 

Fears that are personal, collective, inherited, or even come from another lifetime!

But most of them got created and anchored in before you were 7 years old.

When you were trying to figure out how the world worked and who you needed to be to get your needs met. 

So whatever you decided about that as a kid may have helped you then, but not so much as an adult, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Like being a people pleaser, or a perfectionist, or someone who plays it safe so you won’t be judged. 

Its like that 7 year-old self is still making alot of your business decisions, albeit unconsciously. 

That’s why you get stuck.   

Not because you don’t have it in you to be successful!

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So what if you could learn how to make fear your friend, and better yet, see it as the rocket fuel that’ll get you out of the tight orbit of your comfort zone if you understand exactly what it wants from you now, and how to move beyond your past.

And what if you could learn to love and welcome what triggers your fears instead of resist them?

Because honestly, they’re freakin’ goldmines!

They’ll give you loads of great information about what’s up and ready for you to release, as well as what's up for you to uplevel and embody, so you can make the ultimate vision for your business a rock-solid reality!

When you release your fears at the energetic and body level, you can finally lock in that sweet peace and ease vibe that is absolutely magnetic to what you’d love to manifest! 

And you'll experience, perhaps for the first time, that you're not your fears. 

You're not even your thoughts or feelings really, because those things are impermanent. 

Who you really are is eternal, a Divine, spark, co-creating your reality with Source by choosing what you'd love to experience from the infinite potential of the Quantum Field.

As they say, “everything you desire is on the other side of your fears”.
I'll show you how!

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The Deep Dive

Discover the primary fear that is holding you back and shift it at its core! Accelerate your success by transforming the energy that created this block, and turn it into your ally for growth.

Tell me more!
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The Trifecta

There’s usually three, major interlocking fears that keep you stuck in your business. When you identify and shift all three, you’ll create massive momentum in your business!

Tell me more!
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The Alchemist

If you’re ready to call in unprecedented levels of success and abundance, this is the experience for you! 
In-depth energy work for those who want a major up grade to their business and life.

Tell me more!

If you're ready to let go of your fears, let me be your guide.

 I'm Karolyn McKinley
 I'm a therapist, healer, and experienced guide through of the realms of spirit and psyche. I'm here to assist you in connecting to your deepest truth and inner knowing, allowing you to lead a divinely-inspired, joyful and abundant life!

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Karolyn McKinley exceeded my biggest hopes in our work together.  Her energy techniques are amazingly diverse, ranging from past life work to healing meditations, and genetic re-alignments to practices for creating the new reality you seek.  I was repeatedly amazed by how many energy healing approaches Karolyn offers.  She is the practitioner for you if you are ready for advanced energy work that clears blocks and provides clarity, while also leaving you plenty of space to fulfill your own spiritual responsibilities.  Karolyn excels at ‘holding your hand’ while also showing you how to stand upright on your new, healthier path.  She is kind, caring, intuitive, and brings a sense of humor to her work.  I trust her without reservation, and have even asked her to work with my children.  I recommend her with the highest respect and gratitude for her expertise. 

 Chara A.








What an amazing session! I am a healer myself, but when I had gone as far as I could go with my self-healing and needed to bring out the big guns to help me the rest of the way, I knew I needed Karolyn. And she did not disappoint. I was absolutely blown away by how thorough and far-reaching this process is. In just a few short hours, we wound our way through every major issue I’d been struggling with for the past few years, making connections between them and gathering up the missing pieces. Karolyn has a beautiful ability to hold sacred space throughout this revealing and emotional process. I came away feeling witnessed, supported, thoroughly healed, and profoundly relieved of many deeply held blocks and burdens. This is a can’t-miss service!

Lindsay M.


Karolyn McKinley is a Divine gift. Her breadth and depth of knowledge of all schools of thought, methods, and modalities of consciousness and healing pales only to the love and caring she has for all Beings she comes in contact with. Karolyn has time and again, facilitated pivotal and profound unlockings for me since I first walked into her office years ago. She is a special soul and I am, and will be, forever grateful for her.

Jason A.