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When you want transformation, not just change...


You’ve been taught from the get go how to think, feel, and act like the folks around you or risk some kind of banishment – figuratively or quite literally – if you don’t go along with the program.

You’ve received hundreds of thousands of messages from family, friends, and the world-at-large about what is acceptable or not about you, most of it locked into place by the age of 7!

Not even fully aware of the programming that was happening to you, and yet still at the affect of it.

Each day the gap widens between how you think you should act and the deeper truth of what you desire to experience and express instead.


 So then you wake up one day and realize your life isn’t working out like you’d hoped.

You start to feel restless, maybe even bored with the same ‘ole same ‘ole.

Or maybe there’s a tinge of anxiety that seems to color your days.

You try to ignore or distract yourself from it at first, those rumblings of dissatisfaction.

Until they get louder and more insistent.

Maybe that shows up as a health challenge, financial, or relationship issues.

Or a job you have to drag yourself out of bed to go to.

You sense there is SO much more you could do or be, but you’ve tried to change things up and it feels like you’ve only made incremental progress.

You wish someone could just come in and wave their magic wand and then *poof * everything is different!

That’s where I come in.

Well I don’t have a wand, but I have some really cool tools that make it seem like I do.

And I’ve witnessed some bonafide miracles happen in people’s lives when they discover and let go of all the things that are not true for them!

I will help you close the gap between who you think you need to be for others or the world, and the deeper truth of what is possible for you.

And I have a lot of ways to help you do that which quite likely, are nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

That are uniquely matched to you and your needs.

That can help you embody the reality you always hoped was possible.

I will show you how….

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What an amazing session! I am a healer myself, but when I had gone as far as I could go with my self-healing and needed to bring out the big guns to help me the rest of the way, I knew I needed Karolyn. And she did not disappoint. I was absolutely blown away by how thorough and far-reaching this process is. In just a few short hours, we wound our way through every major issue I’d been struggling with for the past few years, making connections between them and gathering up the missing pieces. Karolyn has a beautiful ability to hold sacred space throughout this revealing and emotional process. I came away feeling witnessed, supported, thoroughly healed, and profoundly relieved of many deeply held blocks and burdens. This is a can’t-miss service!

Lindsay M.





Karolyn exceeded my biggest hopes in our work together.  Her energy techniques are amazingly diverse, ranging from past life work to healing meditations, and genetic re-alignments to practices for creating the new reality you seek.  I was repeatedly amazed by how many energy healing approaches Karolyn offers.  She is the practitioner for you if you are ready for advanced energy work that clears blocks and provides clarity, while also leaving you plenty of space to fulfill your own spiritual responsibilities.  Karolyn excels at ‘holding your hand’ while also showing you how to stand upright on your new, healthier path.  She is kind, caring, intuitive, and brings a sense of humor to her work.  I trust her without reservation, and have even asked her to work with my children.  I recommend her with the highest respect and gratitude for her expertise. 

 Chara A.




Karolyn McKinley is a Divine gift. Her breadth and depth of knowledge of all schools of thought, methods, and modalities of consciousness and healing pales only to the love and caring she has for all Beings she comes in contact with. Karolyn has time and again, facilitated pivotal and profound unlockings for me since I first walked into her office years ago. She is a special soul and I am, and will be, forever grateful for her.

Jason A.