What path will you take? Some musings while sheltering in


I've had several conversations over the past couple of weeks and have been asking people "How were you knowingly or unknowingly preparing yourself for what is happening right now?"

Some folks were guided to completely pivot their business focus, or put some systems and structures in place to smooth out their "feast or famine" cycles.

Some quit their corporate jobs to start their online businesses.

Others went back to school to learn a new skill set that will serve them well in the new world that's being created.

Several downsized, or moved to a more hospitable locale, in line with their greater vision and values for their lives.

Many worked on their relationships, or, if single, became partnered, and are finding much comfort in that connection right now....perhaps feeling a deeper connection than ever before.

Its fascinating to actually check in and acknowledge you knew something needed to shift in your life a long time before this happened.

Look at what you've been dreaming into, what you started to put in motion.

And so many of us right now are waking up to the fact that we were actually craving a really good reason, at a deep, soul level, to stop, slooooow down, consume less, be more present, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life...but hadn't given ourselves the full permission to actually do that til now.

And so even as you're looking forward to the time when this is behind you, please take a moment right now, while you can, to look at the direction your life was headed before this all went down.

Was it truly serving you?

Are you anxious "to get back to life as you know it," to what is safe and familiar?

Or, are you starting to question the expectations and programming you've been operating under for so long...what our consumeristic society shaped and wanted you to feel and choose....never really giving yourself permission to fully look at other options, or choose what YOU truly wanted in life?

To drop the old, habitual identity and try living from the deeper truth of who you are.

Will you take this invitation to start acting on that now?

Or will you let it pass you by, until something else majorly shakes up your world, and you get to look at it again.

That's what life's challenges do for us (not TO us) they're just asking you to choose what path you're going to take.

Its your journey, do you like the path you're on?

Is it time for a new one?